Why the best idea is to book Steve Kader:


Whether you are booking Steve as a Ventriloquist, a Stage Hypnotist, or a Speaker, rest assured you will be very happy with the decision you've made.

Steve Kader is...

Appropriate – Right for any audience. No off-color humor, unless you specifically ask for it. No stress over what “the boss” will say.

Ethical – No one gets embarrassed. Mr. Kader doesn’t have anyone do anything they will have to live down later. As an ethics expert he actually taught ethics to young people in the schools.

Memorable – It has guests talking about and remembering the event for the rest of their lives! It’s unforgettable!

Teambuilding – With Steve's Audience participation.  Watching one’s fellow coworkers or students in such a fun situation organically produces a comradery that is taken back to work or school with them. It naturally creates a lasting bond.

Your message instilled – Mr. Kader can embed a theme message into the minds of everyone present.

Reasonably priced – You could pay much more for a lot less entertainment value.


Experienced comedy entertainer – After more than 18 years entertaining all ages, Steve Kader works well with every type of audience.

 • Professional voice – Once a radio DJ and commercial announcer, he has a professionally trained voice, deep, distinctive and commanding yet kind.


Stage skills – His charismatic stage presence is one that only comes with years of experience coupled with a natural born gift.

 • Easy to work with – No stress. No “entertainer’s ego.”