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A College show in WI.
High School show (CA.)
Hypno-Vegas in KY.


What is Hypno-Vegas?

The Steve Kader Comedy Hypnosis Show, "Hypno-Vegas" is a fun, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered program designed to generate audience participation.

Steve begins his performance with a brief and interactive introduction to hypnosis that gets everyone excited to be a part of the show.

More people will want to volunteer than are necessary, but 12-20 self-selecting volunteers are invited to take a seat on stage. The Hypnosis Show participants are rapidly hypnotized into a natural trance state, and the fun begins!

The hypnotic trance state creates a sense of heightened awareness that brings out the best in the volunteer performers. Your volunteers role-play in various hypnosis comedy routines that have your audience doubled over with laughter.

You will see volunteers “lose” their bellybuttons or even jump up and down convinced that they have “won the lottery!” You will laugh out loud while the impossible happens before your eyes!


Everyone in attendance will be THRILLED with the show. They’ll linger after the performance to share stories about what they just witnessed, and they’ll depart with sincere appreciation of your quality event.

What You Will Experience:

  • Audience volunteers become the stars!
  • A fast paced performance that is incredibly fun for both the volunteers and audience members.
  • Clean comedy entertainment tastefully suited to everyone in attendance.
  • Even difficult audiences are drawn into the fun!
  • Everyone is laughing and applauding wildly!

When it comes to event planning, Hypno-Vegas is the most unique and engaging form of entertainment available. You can be confident that booking this performance will exceed everyone’s expectations.

There is nothing more thrilling than a tastefully executed Comedy Hypnosis Show where your own audience members become the true stars!

You’ll receive credit for having the insight to hire such a unique and outstanding event entertainment, and your peers will be asking about the show for years to come!

  • Your guests are going to have a wonderful time.
  • You’ll get a dynamic entertainer that fits your budget while delivering a big impact!
  • You’ll have fun and receive compliments on your choice of interactive comedy entertainment.

Performance Video/Client Testimonials

We have two different Comedy Stage Hypnosis shows, that we offer.  Additionally, we can Custom-make a show, for your specific event.




Hypno-Vegas is a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Event which is geared toward Corporate Events, Comedy Clubs, Service Clubs and theaters.

Show rating G to R, depending on the request of the Venue


We also offer "Hypno-Fun" which is a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Event which is geared toward the High School/College venue. 

Show rating: G to PG-13

Client Testimonials   Video Testimonials

"Thanks for making my 87th birthday so special."

President Jimmy Carter


"You were Amazing!"

Former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter


"We never laughed so hard in our lives, standing ovation worthy!"

Mike Davis CEO Crown Jewel Casino Properties, Ltd.

"Laughed til' we cried."

Barbara Koval President, Century Golf Supplies, NY

"No-one holds a candle to Stevie, on stage."

David Greenhouse Disney Productions, Orlando, FL

"Very clean and safe show, done respectfully."

Mark Ibold KY Ironworkers, VP

"The perfect entertainer for our convention. We have been using Steve, for over three years. His show is clean, safe, and appropriate.

Eric Montelone Extended Stays of America, Staffing 


"...and then, after the show, Steve helped a friend of mine get rid of her fear of flying, in like 20 minutes. He is a great showman, as well as a real Hypnotherapist.

Pat Hodgekiss Club Manager, TJ's, WVA

"It was a show, like no other. I saw my wife dancing around like Brittney Spears. I could not believe it was her. It was the most fun we have had in awhile."

Gerry Livingston Club Owner, Aldo's, CA

"It was a pleasure having Steve Kader perform at the Newport Syndicate, here in Kentucky. We have had other Comedians and Hypnotists, before. But, Steve set himself apart from the rest with his performance.

Sharon Key Owner, Newport Syndicate

Steve holds the following Certifications/Qualifications:


*  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through HMI

   (Hypnosis Motivation Institute,) Tarzana, CA.


Certified Stage Hypnotist, licensed with the AAH

   (American Alliance of Hypnosis,) Las Vegas



*  A Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy, awarded by TMO

   (The Mindcare Organization,) United Kingdom


*  A Diploma in Advanced Stage Hypnosis, awarded by TMO

   (The Mindcare Organization,) United Kingdom


*  A Full Member of the APSH

   (Association of Professional Stage Hypnotists,) United Kingdom



*  A lifetime member of POSH

   (Professional Organization of Stage Hypnotists,) United Kingdom


*  Steve is currently working on his Batchelor's Degree

   in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychology at UNLV

   (the University of Las Vegas, NV)


*  Steve speaks fluent Spanish and German

Our Mission


Our Mission, here at Hypno-Vegas, is to provide the highest quality Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show for your Event, thereby establishing a realtionship with your Organization, that will last a lifetime.


We take pride in our Events.

We strictly follow this acronym:   S.A.F.E.

 "Without question, my favorite part of the show is toward the end of it.  It's after all of the craziness and laughter.  It's more of a serious moment.  Right before I awake the STARS of the show, I give them a post-hypnotic suggestion, such as:  Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will find yourself with a new sense of self-confidence and energy.  IF there is a bad habit you are wanting to break, this bad habit will be easy for you to brake.  IF there are positive things you want to start, like exercising or eating healthier, then you will find it easier to implement  these things in your life, regardless of the difficulties you have had, in the past..., etc."    I love this part because these suggestions work, they work the most!  Why?  Because, during the show, the volunteers go deeper and deeper, as the show progresses.  At the end of the show, they are at their deepest.  They are the most suggestible.  I have received numerous thank you letters from past show volunteers who wanted to thank me for those suggestions.  It is very rewarding."

Frequently Asked Questions...


Should I create a list of volunteers for the show?

No. It is in no way helpful to your performance to attempt to get commitment

from any volunteers in advance.


Comedy Stage Hypnotist Steve Kader will open your performance with a

humorous pre-talk about hypnosis that is designed to get your audience members excited to participate.


How are volunteers chosen for a Stage Hypnosis Show?

The Stage Hypnosis Show volunteer participants are actually NOT chosen by the hypnotist entertainer. The stage participants are each self-selecting volunteers.  Only audience members that are highly interested in participating will be invited to come on stage. As expected, some people will prefer to be spectators and others will desire to be “a part of the action”.


However, your performer is an expert at putting your audience members at ease

with a pre-talk designed to get people excited about participating.

Steve's opening comments address the myths about hypnosis in a humorous way.  Additional interactive “suggestibility tests” with the entire group reveal that each individual has the ability to quickly enter the trance state!


The end result is that you will be surprised by the motivation of your audience members to become a part of the show.


Do the Stage Hypnosis volunteers truly have fun?

It is important to note that a Stage Hypnosis Show can be very entertaining

without embarrassing the participants. In truth, the committee of volunteers will

have the most fun of anyone attending your event!


They are all treated with respect as the true stars of the show. After the performance, they will feel great and be very glad they participated.


How long is a Stage Hypnosis Show?

The "Hypno-Vegas" Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is 60 or 90 minutes in length depending on the needs of your event.


What is the cost of a Stage Hypnosis Show?

Posting a flat fee is impossible due to the many variables involved in planning

each unique event. To make your planning as simple as possible, we will quote

you an all-inclusive flat fee that includes travel expenses. You will have an exact fee to use for budgeting purposes. The only additional expense is a hotel room for the performer that is usually booked and paid directly by the client. It will take literally 5 minutes, over the phone, to give you an exact quote.

Do you carry an insurance policy?

Yes. Steve Kader carries a $2,000,000 entertainer’s liability policy.

Do you perform at events in our area?

Yes. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Steve Kader travels to all areas of the United States to perform Hypnosis Shows for appreciative audiences.

Do you have any materials I can use to promote the entertainment

in advance of our event?

Absolutely! We can provide Posters/flyers, Press releases, Pictures, Bio sheet, etc.  We can actually custom-make a poster for your venue (see below.) Use these files to promote your upcoming Stage Hypnotist Show in e-mail blasts, event brochures, welcome packages, event posters, and news releases.


Why Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Entertainment?

A Stage Hypnosis Show will set a new standard for entertainment for your future events. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Steve Kader provides a unique show that your audiences rave about. Take the worry out of planning your event. Feel secure knowing that you are working with a proven entertainer that has been a huge success at hundreds of events across the USA.


Steve Kader creates an environment that is both positive and engaging. Your guests will laugh, cheer, and share memories about their enjoyable experience for a long time to come.

How do I actually book the show?

The booking process is very simple. Simply contact us, either through E-mail or

by phone. After a short discussion, we can give a show fee and when agreed upon, we can send out a contract, immediately.


It's really that simple.


We will give you everything you need to have a successful event.

Thanks for you interest and we will see you soon!

Why the best idea is to book Professional Comedy Hypnotist Steve Kader:


Exceptional entertainment - Genuine hypnosis fused with comedy and stage experience creates the funniest and best entertainment available for events like yours!

Appropriate – Right for any audience. No off-color humor, unless you specifically ask for it. No stress over what “the boss” will say.

Ethical – No one gets embarrassed. Mr. Kader doesn’t have anyone do anything they will have to live down later. As an ethics expert he actually taught ethics to young people in the schools.

Memorable – It has guests talking about and remembering the event for the rest of their lives! It’s unforgettable!

Teambuilding – Watching one’s fellow coworkers or students in such a fun situation organically produces a comradery that is taken back to work or school with them. It naturally creates a lasting bond.

Your message instilled – Mr. Kader can even hypnotically embed a theme message into the minds of everyone present.

Perfectly safe – Hypnosis is scientifically proven to be safe. Mr. Kader is also trained on stage safety.

Reasonably priced – You could pay much more for a lot less entertainment value.


Experienced comedy entertainer – After more than 18 years entertaining all ages with live comedy, Comedy Hypnotist Steve Kader works well with every type of audience.

A real hypnotist – He is, in fact, a Consulting Hypnotist and ran his own clinic actually using hypnosis in a real practice.


Professional voice – Once a radio DJ and commercial announcer, he has a professionally trained voice, deep, distinctive and commanding yet kind.


Stage skills – His charismatic stage presence is one that only comes with years of experience coupled with a natural born gift.

 • Easy to work with – No stress. No “entertainer’s ego.”