Womenology 101 is an insighful, yet comprehensible, written-from-experience new bible for men interested in establishing and maintaining better relationships, with the women, in their lives.  It was created by Steve Kader; a man who has spent the last two and a half decades of his life travelling the world as a Chippendale Dancer, US Army soldier and Hypnotist.  It is the first book of it's kind to be written by a Chippendale, a word synonymous with expertise on women.  The book includes private links to two Instructional Workout Videos, 5 Self-Hypnosis Modules, and a link to the Full Audiobook.
Do You Have An Hour? is a guide to finding a new level of higher consciousness.  It has Chapters which focus on Present Moment Awaredness, as well as Self-Actualization.  This book is a short 
read, as the name implies.  It will be available in the Spring of 2016.
Do The Math is a book written for those who want to multiply their way to happiness.